How 3D Designs Are Allowing People to Design Their Nose

3D Printing Nose

3D printing has been deemed the 4th industrial revolution. And rightfully so—It’s taking the business and medical world by storm.

Recently, 3D printing has introduced a bombshell to the plastic surgery world. Surgeons are now using 3D designs to allow people to design their new nose.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Advanced Computer Software Finds a Perfect Nose Match

A 3D printing company in Belgium has come up with a way to find the perfect nose. The first step is photographs of the patient. After, the photos are downloaded to program (like Photoshop) and advanced software compares the photos to hundreds of similar faces. A perfect nose match is found and shown to the patient.

Pin Point Accuracy—The Nose is Matched to the Face

Once the perfect nose match has been found, the face will be rescanned. The computer will pinpoint any and all key locations on the face. It will then match the nose to those locations. This will give the patient an identical picture of what their new nose will look like.

Adjustments Are Made by the Patient

The final step in the computer generated nose is adjustments made by the patient. The computer’s advanced algorithm ensures the adjustments are realistic ones. When the patient comes up with a perfect nose, the computer sends it to the printer.

The Printer Prints the Nose

The printer will print a nose that’s identical to the one that the patient will have after surgery. The patient and surgeon will review it to make sure it aligns well with the face and is the appropriate size and shape. If adjustments or changes need to be made, they will be done on the computer and a new nose will then be printed. This type of prototyping is rapid—no time is wasted.

The Nose is Used as a Model During Surgery

A visible model puts the surgeon in a position where they know exactly how the new nose should look. Throughout the surgery they can look at the model and perfectly match it to the face. The end result is always a perfect nose.

3D printing is changing the world. There are no limits with this new type of technology. As 3D printing grows and grows, we will see more advancements in the plastic surgery world. Patients will be more satisfied than they already are. The opportunity to give people the look they were supposed to be born with will be greater than ever.