3D Printed Pancakes Are Happening Right Now

3D Printed Pancakes

3D printing is revolutionizing many industries around the world, including medicine, aerospace, and more. A recent development proves that 3D printing is also revolutionizing the home kitchen with some pretty amazing pancakes that are nothing short of absolute perfection.

As Seen On the Internet

You’ve probably seen it while scrolling through your Facebook news feed or watching a variety of videos on YouTube – the artists who can work sheer magic with a bottle of pancake mix and a hot skillet are certainly astounding. They can “draw” everything from celebrity caricatures to common architectural wonders, and they make it all look perfectly effortless. If you want to create amazing pancakes at home but you lack the artistry, you’re in luck. You can purchase the PancakeBot on Amazon for $299.98 and make a pancake in any shape your heart desires.

It’s Not Without Its Flaws

Although the technology seems cool and cutting-edge, it is certainly a bit pricier than a skillet. However, with the ability to create just about anything you want – from Donald Trump’s famous face to the Brooklyn Bridge – comes a pretty hefty price tag. Reviewers claim that there are a few design flaws to account for, particularly when it comes to the texture of the pancake batter. A single small lump can essentially clog the works and run your masterpiece, and you still have to draw whatever you want PancakeBot to cook for you. Fortunately, the company provides a host of online designs from which you can choose if art just isn’t your thing.

How Does It Work?

Essentially, once you’ve drawn the image that you want PancakeBot to replicate, you scan it into the device, load it with batter, and let it go to work. The machine applies batter to hot griddle in such a way that different areas of “doneness” create different shadows and colors. The end result is a surprisingly realistic replica of your drawing cooked into a delicious pancake that you can cover in maple syrup (or cinnamon and sugar, if that’s what you like) and actually eat. In fact, there’s one restaurant in Japan serving its guests Mario (from the Mario Bros. series), Food Network’s Guy Fieri, and even Darth Vader pancakes.

Is It the Next Big Thing?

Despite the fact that digging into a stack of 1971 Dodge Charger shaped pancakes could make someone’s entire day, chances are good that with a near $300 price tag, the PancakeBot isn’t going to find its way into too many homes any time soon. Restaurants may pick up on it in order to edge out the competition and give guests a chance to see their own art appear on their plates, but until the price drops, everyday consumers will likely continue making their pancakes the old fashioned way.

Whether you like blueberry, buttermilk, fluffy, or cakey pancakes, 3D printing is taking these delicious items to a brand new level. In fact, it seems as if there’s nothing 3D printing can’t do these days. If you’re willing to spend $299.98 to experience it for yourself, give it a shot! After all, even if it doesn’t turn out the way you’d hoped, it’ll still be edible.