Why 3D Printing is So Important with Product Prototyping

Product Prototyping

When the topic of 3D printing arises, many people only associate the process with hobby printing a few gadget bits and bobs at home or using the technology to reproduce a part that may be difficult to come by otherwise. However, another area where this technology has become crucial is in the creation and development of product prototyping. Below are just a few reasons why and how 3D printing is beneficial with regards to product prototyping.

Make Provision for More Product Revisions

One of the main advantages of using 3D printing during the prototyping process is that it has the ability to create prototypes in multiple stages. This means that if there is an issue during any step of the process, a correction or revision can be made virtually immediately and there will be no need to scrap an entire project as a result thereof. Thanks to the advances made in 3D printing technology over the past few years, far more revisions can be made in a shorter time frame than ever before, resulting in the correct prototype being developed.

Reduce Trial and Error Periods Substantially

The trial and error phase is the most important one of any product prototyping process, with the intention and goal being that fully functional models can be developed as quickly as possible. When using 3D printing technology, this can happen many times faster than initially anticipated. In addition, because a number of prototypes or models can be created in a very short space of time, they can be tested at a far quicker rate. This can ‘get a product out there’ faster than ever before.

Less Wastage of Raw Materials

Another significant benefit of 3D printing is that it is not only a highly efficient process; it is also incredibly environmentally friendly. More than 90% of the material used during the prototyping process will not have to go to waste – it can be reused over and over again. Over time, this will save inventors and prototype developers a substantial amount of money – which can in turn enable them to provide the end product at a far more competitive price.

Improve Communication between Relevant Parties

When a 3D printing device is used, members of all relevant departments are given the opportunity to provide their input into the process as a product evolves. Obtaining as much input as possible during the prototyping process will enable a far better end product to be produced. This can in turn make a particular product more appealing that that which is offered by a competitor.

With 3D printing, customized designs can be developed quicker than ever before as well. No additional tools or items are needed to create the end product or to make any changes to the original design thereof. If you would like to find out more about how the process of 3D printing works and how it will benefit your company’s prototyping processes, feel free to speak with us today. Our team will be more than willing to provide answers to any questions you have.