About Form 3DS

An experienced, dedicated team

Led by  Joseph Gabriel, Form 3D Solutions is comprised of a dedicated group of additive manufacturing professionals conveniently located in the Boston area. Our team is dedicated to utilizing emergent additive technologies to provide the most value possible to our partners and customers. Our ISO 9001 certified facility is equipped to support a specialty in DMLS printing, resulting in quality-controlled precision metal parts manufactured in a revolutionary way.



Redefined manufacturing limitations

We use additive methods to minimize the compromise that is necessary between designers and manufacturers. DMLS printing enables metal parts to be produced layer by layer in a way that is true to the optimal, performance-focused design. Form 3D Solutions empowers engineers to draft higher performing components regardless of the limitations imposed by other forms of manufacturing.


Shorter lead time, faster turnaround

DMLS printing technologies remove the need for complex startup tooling to be created for each new part. Form 3DS is able to rapidly print, test, alter, and reprint a string of designs in quick succession without costly retooling or wasted time, accelerating go-to-market efforts. Printing complex assemblies as one piece makes production more efficient, reducing time spent on assembly and inspection.


Greater cost efficiency

Cost effective prototyping is the tip of the spear: not only is the per-piece cost competitive at Form 3DS, but the speed of iteration we enable reduces time spent investing in development, and increases the amount of time on the market ahead of competitors. Production solutions continue to generate cost benefits by reducing labor time, consolidating the supply chain, and eliminating unnecessary inventory.




Reduced risk profile

Product development can be an incredibly expensive endeavor. Take advantage of additive advances and eliminate the major sunk costs that many companies take for granted when designing a new part. Without costs for new tooling and fixtures or minimum volume requirements, there is little risk in initiating the testing of new ideas. Form 3D Solutions provides guidance through the entire prototyping process and arrives quickly at a production solution, minimizing risk and maximizing profit.

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