Our Customers

We make 3D printing an accessible solution.

Form 3DS is best positioned to serve customers with existing concepts and designs, and work with them to understand the realistic capabilities and limitations of manufacturing with DMLS technology. Our additive manufacturing expertise enables the preservation of key customer requirements and functionality while maximizing a design’s potential to be printed efficiently on our machines.

You came to the right place.

Our customers cover a broad spectrum, from individual hobbyist to industrial conglomerate, and our capabilities apply to everything from a first iteration prototype to full-scale production. Our bread and butter is working with Engineering / R&D teams who are starting to think about designing specifically with additive manufacturing in mind, turning metal 3D printing into a true extension of current capabilities.

Industries served:

Aerospace / Defense – Titanium and Inconel capabilities for strong, lightweight components with complex geometries, such as turbine blades

Automotive – Performance parts which can eliminate inefficient or complicated fabrication steps, particularly in the exhaust system

Consumer Goods – An ability to customize and serialize on the fly makes small, personalized pieces possible in metal (trinkets, jewelry, etc.)

Diversified Industrials – Various industrial applications ranging from lightweighting of robotic components to replacement parts for machinery; from industrial pumps to jigs / fixtures / “Go-No Go” gauges for internal use

Firearms – Rapid prototyping, high degrees of customization, and significant lightweighting of metal components

Marine – Faster and less expensive alternative to low volume castings, taking full advantage of high corrosion resistance in materials such as Titanium

Medical – Printing of instruments and the development of highly complex (patient-specific) geometries seen in orthopedic implants, all in bio-safe materials and equipped with lattice structure optimized for bone ingrowth

Pharmaceutical – Development of custom porosity structures and production of instruments and components in bio-inert materials

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