Dubai is Leading the Pack in 3D Designs—5 Cool Projects You Should Be Interested In

Dubai is emerging as a worldwide leader in technology.

They’ve embraced the “4th Industrial Revolution” (3D printing) and are leading the pack when it comes to development.

Here are 5 cool projects that you should be interested in:

A 3D Printed Office Building

It took Dubai a grand total of seventeen days to build a 20ft tall office building for the Dubai Future Foundation. The state-of-the-art 3D printed was able to create a perfect prototype using automated robotic arms.

A 3D Printed Lab

Dubai’s lab is still in the works but promises to be a first-of-its-kind facility. It will be part of a solar park that Dubai is creating for its green technology advancement project.

Replacement Parts for Metro Transits

Dubai promotes efficient transit solutions for its citizens and guests. They also try to do everything in their power to eliminate air pollution. Because of these two facts, they are using 3D-printing for replacement parts of metro transits. The parts are cheaper and easier than conventional manufacturing. In addition, the parts are more efficient—they produce better results and last longer.

Medical Field 3D Printing

Medical field 3D printing is well under way in Dubai. They current are working on a project that involves the printing of 3D organs. In addition, new medical and surgical devices are being created at a record-breaking pace. The amount of solutions 3D printing is providing has never been seen before.

A 3D Building Futures Project

Dubai was so pleased with its 3D building that it’s decided to set a goal: by 2030, the city wants 25% of its new buildings to be constructed by 3D printing.

While Dubai is leading the pack in 3D printing, other countries are by no means lagging behind. Italy in the process of creating a totally self-sustaining village. And, in the United States, someone has printed a 3D tiny house. With all of these advancements, it’s safe to say that 3D printing will continue to become more and more widespread. There are no limits to what the future will hold.