One Luxury Car Manufacturer to Use 3D Printing for Car Chassis

Peugeot 3D Printing

You’ve likely heard of 3D printed components for spacecraft and cars, and chances are good that you’ve read an article or two about how 3D printing can save lives in the healthcare industry. Recently, one of the world’s most prominent luxury car manufacturers announced its intention to print a car chassis with this incredible technology.

Peugeot and Divergent 3D

Peugeot SA, also known as the PSA Group, is a French luxury car manufacturer with a net worth of about $12.8 billion. They’re known for creating some of the fastest (and arguably most expensive) cars in the entire world. Recently, they announced a partnership with Divergent 3D, a company that specializes in 3D printing in the automotive industry. Their partnership will allow Peugeot to expand their offerings into things outside of supercars and luxury cars. Their goal is to develop lighter, structurally safer, more sustainable, and perhaps even more affordable cars that can be sold the world over. Although it may be a few years before they come to market, experts agree that the idea is a brilliant one.

Divergent’s Recent Fame

Divergent was recently thrust into the limelight after they revealed the prototype for the world’s first 3D printed car, otherwise known as Blade. The company’s goal was to prove that the framework for a car could be efficient and sustainable, yet still incredibly strong and robust. With their prototype, and the 3D printed frame that followed, the company found that automobile manufacturers could cut down on the capital necessary to make sustainable cars that are both safe and environmentally-friendly. Peugeot wanted to be the first to capitalize on that notion.

A Long-Term Working Relationship

PSA and Divergent have finalized the terms associated with a long-term relationship in which they plan to utilize each other’s experience, technology, and industry expertise. It seems like the perfect pairing, and it’s expected that the first 3D printed car will be available on the market within the next few years. Although the general public will have to wait and see just what the future holds, many experts are happy to see Peugeot use its near-limitless resources to create vehicles that are safe, economical, and good for the environment.

The End Goal

Of course, like any other company, Peugeot hopes to establish itself as the leading innovator and authority in the automobile industry. The company also believes that their efforts in sustainability and safety will trigger other automobile manufacturers to utilize similar technologies, thus cutting down on the industry’s currently massive carbon footprint. Divergent also benefits from this partnership since the funding provided by Peugeot gives them the opportunity to accelerate the growth and development of new ideas, giving them their own name in the 3D printing world.

Automobiles have improved in terms of emissions and fuel consumption over the years, but the processes and technologies used to manufacture them have not. It is hoped that this new partnership between Peugeot and Divergent will allow for a brand-new manufacturing process that creates safer, more sustainable, affordable automobiles that will set new trends in the industry.

Copyright : Bjoern Wylezich/123RF