3D Printing and Product Prototyping – Working Together

Product Prototyping

By now you’ve heard of 3D printing.

It creates awesome and amazing things.

It’s also revolutionized product prototyping.

Here’s everything you need to know:


3D Printing Takes Trial and Error to a Completely Different Level

Trial and error is the most important process in product prototyping. The goal is always to come up with functional models as quickly as possible. With 3D printing, this goal is able to occur ten times faster. Because models can be created in an incredibly small period of time, they can be tested at a much faster rate. If errors occur, starting over isn’t a huge deal.


3D Printing Allows for More Revisions during Prototyping

3D printing creates prototypes one step at a time. If there’s a problem at any step, a revision can be made. There’s no need to scrape the project and start all over. This leads to more revisions (in less time) and a perfect prototype.


3D Printing Increases Communications on a Whole-Scale Level

Everyone is involved in product prototyping when a 3D printer is used. As a product evolves, members of all departments get a chance to have input. More input means better products—that lead to more solutions.


3D Printing Allows for Rapid Testing

It takes very little time for a 3D printer to produce a prototype. In a short period of time, a prototype can be tested and deemed worthy or unworthy. In the scenario that it’s unworthy, a new prototype can be created and then rapidly tested.


3D Printing Wastes Very Little Raw Material

3D printing is extremely efficient and environmentally friendly—90% of raw material doesn’t go to waste. Instead, it is reused over and over again while a product is being recreated. This allows for massive cost savings.

3D printing is changing the world at a tremendously fast rate. The amount of time and money it saves puts businesses at an extreme advantage. As the technology grows, we can expect more great products. Any and every industry is incorporating some form of 3D printing into their daily operations. When you’re interested in learning more about how a printer can help you specifically, please feel free to give us a call. Our experts are always happy to help.