Providing Elegant Solutions

Form 3D is a provider of solutions, and an innovative engineering team at its core

Priding ourselves on true agility and deep collaboration, we are uniquely poised to hurdle complex engineering problems through additive manufacturing with the customer service of a local business

Form 3D is primed to manufacture production runs of your metal components, handling all aspects of the process from part setup through final delivery

Our bread and butter is working with R&D teams on iterating an existing concept, helping to optimize part geometry for 3D printing and take advantage of the nuances of this technology to enhance performance

We offer services in design optimization and rapid prototyping in order to drive our customers to a production-ready part which can be efficiently and repeatably manufactured on our printers

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology

Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Form 3D uses the latest Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) machines to produce metal components. DMLS is a process that uses a high powered laser to melt metal powder and build parts up in extremely thin layers, resulting in dense detailed parts without undesired excess material

Titanium Ti64 Ti6Al4V
Stainless Steel 316L
Nickel Alloys HX / IN625 / IN718
Maraging Steel
Cobalt Chrome CoCrMo
Aluminum AlSi10Mg

Material information and mechanical property data sheets are available on the EOS material website:

Expanding Advanced Capabilties

Form 3D offers true expertise in metal 3D printing, designing each step of the manufacturing process in-house before printing components on our own machines.

Remaining relevant in the additive manufacturing industry requires that we continually build out adjacent capabilities to support the production of printed parts. Form 3D offers a wide variety of services beyond pure metal printing, including plastic printing, post-processing, and part validation.

Contact us to ask about alternative materials (plastics), surface finishes, tolerances, and inspection methods we have in-house or through our network of partners, including but not limited to plastic printing, finish machining, heat treating, and comprehensive inspection reports.