Visa Thinks 3D Designing is the Career of the Future

Thanks to a survey conducted by Visa Europe, it turns out that 3D print designing – and even 3D cooking – may be the career choice that will help people get ahead in the future. This survey focused on millennials and how they view their futures, and many of these individuals believe that 3D printing is where the trend is headed.

More than Half of Millennials Agree

Visa Europe, global payments technology company, surveyed some 1000 people across the European continent in regard to their futures and careers. Of those surveyed, 56% said they believed 3D printing offered them more opportunities than other career choices. These individuals noted that they would enjoy careers as 3D print designers or even 3D printed food chefs. 52% said they would consider pursuing two careers in order to provide themselves with flexibility in both their careers and their finances. Most agreed that they wanted to pursue some sort of creative career that would provide a solid income and offer growth opportunities, as well.

Are They on the Right Track?

Of the 1000 respondents, there were 13 career options that got the most attention. In order of popularity, they were as follows.

  • 3D print designer
  • Data scientist
  • Augmented reality architect
  • Professional blogger or vlogger
  • Agriculture futurist
  • Driverless car experience designer
  • Cryptocurrency banker or regulator
  • Transport designer
  • Lifestyle auditor/efficiency consultant
  • Gig economy manager
  • E-sports player
  • 3D food chef
  • Extinction revivalist

As you can see, the millennial generation is certainly forward-thinking. Some want to find new ways to grow food for the expanding population, some want to cook food created with a 3D printer, and still others want to use blossoming technologies to bring extinct animals back from the dead.

The Meaning of 3D Print Designer

When someone says they want to be a 3D print designer, this opens up a huge world of possibilities. If it can be manufactured in a factory, it won’t be long before it can be manufactured by a 3D printer. These designers will be challenged with creating efficient designs that use the right materials for the right prices. These designers may work in any imaginable industry in the future, whether that industry is fashion, pharmaceuticals, artistry, biomedicine, lifestyle, or even food.

Will 3D Printing Be That Big?

Currently, 3D printing is used primarily in aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. However, thanks to companies that continue to create less expensive printers that everyday consumers can afford, people are finding new ways to incorporate 3D printing into everyday life. It’s often more sustainable than purchasing items manufactured by huge corporations, and even cars can be manufactured through 3D printing more sustainably than any other method. The millennials understand this, and jumping into this career choice early can certainly serve them will, both now and in the future.

Not long ago, 3D printing was a little-known technology that many people believed would never truly get off the ground. These days, though, you can find 3D printers in manufacturing facilities and homes around the world. The millennials may be on the right track when it comes to their desire to turn this blossoming industry into a career choice.